Arrowhead Community Employment is a people-oriented company that not only acts as advocates for individuals receiving their service, but listens to and cares about their dreams and goals.

What We Do Best


We believe a “people-oriented” approach is the secret to successfully matching an individual with an ideal work environment. It is our job to get to know each individual’s skills, interests, and dreams, and that requires building a relationship of confidence and trust.

How We Do It



We do an interview and ask what they want to do. Then we observe them and figure out what their strengths are.



If we find a connection between our client and small businesses in the area, we help them with networking and making personal connections.



Based on our interviews and networking, we present job opportunities with our client and help them with onboarding.



After the individual has successfully landed a job we will assess their need for on-going mentoring and support. Whatever the need is, we want to be available to meet that need.

Contact Us

We would love to answer any questions you have or talk about what makes us the best fit.

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