Our vision is to see people with disabilities experience the joy, freedom, and fulfillment of employment in their community. We do this by helping individuals explore and develop their gifts and interests, and support them as they seize new opportunities to participate and thrive.

Dietrich Winter and Steve Hamlin have worked together for 4 years helping to create new opportunities for people and have worked hard to offer the highest quality of a wide range of services. In 2008, Dietrich took over his family’s foster care business as well as a new role as a QDDP which offers administrative assistance and business related guidance to a variety of family foster care providers. Steve Hamlin comes from a background in direct support for 10 years as well as training in crisis prevention. He has worked in many different fields of foster care including employment specialist and behavioral professional.

Our philosophy at ACE has been to try and say “Yes” to every opportunity that comes our way. We want to accommodate every individual in need of services and create an open environment in which a person can seek fulfillment in whatever area they desire. We believe competitive, integrated employment can bring a sense of lasting joy and fulfillment in people’s lives. It is our highest priority to find suitable employment for each person based on their wants, needs and interests.