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Thriving in Community

At Arrowhead Community Employment, we work to give people with disabilities the opportunity to shine in their community. We help service recipients explore and develop their gifts, skills, and interests to find their desired career.

We also continue to support them in whatever way is necessary as they work in their chosen field. Our goal is to help people discover their worth to society, support and encourage them in their development, and open the door for them to thrive in their community. 

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 Transport individuals to and from house, job site, and/or community activity site. Explore gifts, skills, and interests with the service recipient.


Help individuals discover their worth, and encourage them in their development. Meet with your supervisor on a weekly basis and as needed for your own encouragement and development.


Open doors for service recipients to thrive in their community and maintain competitive employment. Job coaches assist individuals at their job site or community activity site.

Working with ACE

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Give people with disabilities the opportunity to shine in their community by becoming a job coach.