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Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS)

*ACE is working in partnership with VRS.

It starts with discovery...

We get to know the service recipients to identify key themes in their life. This provides us with the ability to learn more about their interests and ideal conditions for employment.

Then we find...

We work with the service recipient to match with a job coach. The job coach helps them create a resume and gain competitive, integrated employment that is customized to fit their skills and abilities.

Opportunities continue.

VRS operates within a set amount of hours, but ACE’s service recipients are able to stay at their place of employment with their job coach after they reach the end of their time with VRS.

For more information on how ACE partners with VRS, contact nathan@acemployment.org



We explore the idea of having a job by finding ways to build basic, necessary skills for sustaining employment and find opportunities to utilize some abilities the person would already have in different settings. This can include volunteer opportunities, work experience programs, or other experiences.



Similar to discovery through VRS, we learn and develop people’s skills, interests, and abilities for future career opportunities before starting the search for employment.



After finding a job, some may need ongoing support from a job coach to continue to be successful. This job coach would support the working person however is needed starting with transportation to and from work, to support during their shift.

Support looks different for every person which is why we assess what’s needed during the orientation phase of their new job and create a support plan based off the assessment. The job coach follows that support plan and that plan is reviewed every six months by the person’s support team.

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In Home Support (IHS)

Our In-Home Supports service aims to help people integrate with their community through learning daily living skills and practices that promote independence and self-reliance.


Day Support Services

Service recipients have the opportunity to do fun and fulfilling activities outside of their home. Day supports are an opportunity for low key, stress free, enjoyable and healthy activities.

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