Our goal at ACE is to offer the highest quality of support in order for someone to be successful in their community.

Our Process



Discovery is a time to meet the individual and learn about their skills, interests, hobbies, dreams, etc. We’ll absorb all the information provided by the individual and we’ll also interview the consumer’s family, friends, partners, and peers to get an even better understanding of them. Now that we understand a bit about who they are, we will gather all of this information and write out some employment themes based off of their own interests, skills and hobbies. From those themes we will develop a list of different job sites and businesses that would compliment those themes.


After that list is developed, the individual and mentor will go out and visit those businesses and network with employers and owners. Networking is different than filling out applications and crossing your fingers for a call back. It’s a time to get to know the community and maybe develop some relationships with other people. In most cases, making face-time with employers can have a good impact on the individuals chance of employment. This is a valuable part of the process and has good outcomes when effectively practiced.



Once the individual and mentor are finished networking and visiting some potential business, we begin our process of employment. The individual and mentor will make phone calls or send emails to schedule interviews and meetings with potential employers. We help the individual prepare for those interviews, coach them on understanding work ethics, professionalism and what to expect as an employee, do some additional research on the type of work they would potentially be asked to do, transport them to meeting sites and accompany them during meetings or interviews (if desired) and provide any other feedback that will help them be successful in their pursuit of a career.


After the individual has successfully landed a job we will assess their need for on-going mentoring and support. This could mean that the individual would like a job coach for transportation and be available as a support person during work hours. It could also mean that the individual wants to work independently with an occasional check-in by a mentor or supervisor. Whatever the need is, we want to be available to meet that need. We will meet with the individual and their support team to assess their need for on-going mentoring and support.