Arrowhead Community Employment: Our Core Values

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Arrowhead Community Employment (ACE) is built on the foundation of building relationships. Our approach to work is people-oriented. It’s our belief that this idea is the secret to successfully matching an individual with an environment that fits their needs and desires.

With this idea in mind, we live and work with a set of five core values. 

ACE’s core values

No matter what service is being provided, working through our core values is a priority. Our five core values are:

1. Fun

There are a variety of ways that strive to create a fun environment for both our employees and our service recipients. Some of these include things like BBQs, Kickball, and our annual Halloween Dance. 

We also work to create opportunities to gather daily with Community Activity Plans for each individual to help engage with other members of ACE in the community.

2. Empathy

Working with empathy is one of our highest priorities in the work that we do. In order to ensure that we continue to do this successfully, we provide our team and direct support professionals with training and support, so that everyone from our service recipients to our leadership team is set up to thrive. 

While it’s impossible to prepare or and have experience with every situation possible, we’re always provided with an opportunity to validate and understand feelings. 

3. Growth

Our coaching philosophy is at the heart of our structure. It is a top priority for each of our our leaders at ACE to meet with every job coach one-to-one to provide them with a space where they can grow and become the best versions of themselves. 

Both personal and professional growth are key to being able to provide exceptional services that people need and deserve. 

4. Purpose

The work we do is centered around our service recipients. We’re dedicated to providing them with opportunities for joy, autonomy, and growth. One of our goals is to instill the knowledge and belief that they have a purpose they can find and live out. 

Our job coaches and leadership team value purpose, not only for our service recipients, but for those working with and at ACE. 

5. Generosity

Generosity is key in fostering joy and fulfillment. At ACE, our goal is to have a team with high ethics, morals, and empathy. Through this value, we pay appropriately and off benefits to help us hire and retain individuals with who strive to meet this standard. 

We’re also committed to remaining generous with our time, offering direct support to all of our employees as they need. 

Becoming a Job Coach

Are you someone who is passionate, willing to work hard, and grow with us? Becoming a job coach at ACE isn’t so much about your qualifications but about who you are as a person. If you share in our vision and values, then we believe you’ll be a perfect match for Arrowhead Community Employment. 

If you’re interested in working at ACE, contact us! Head to our employment page to get started!