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A job coach is exactly as it sounds! After an individual has successfully gained employment, we assess their personal need for any on-going mentoring and support via one of our job coaches. Whatever the need is, we want to be available to meet that need.

Our job coaches support each working person in whatever capacity is needed starting with transportation to and from work to supporting them throughout their shift.

Community employment and job coaching

Support looks a little bit different for each person. In order to support each individual as best we can for their unique needs, we will assess what’s needed during the orientation phase of their new job. Through taking this extra step, we will be able to create a support plan based off what was discovered.

Throughout their work, their job coach will follow the decided-upon support plan. Every six months, the individual’s support team will review this plan to ensure that it’s still what’s working best for them.

Arrowhead Community Employment (ACE)

Our vision is to see people with disabilities experience the joy, freedom, and fulfillment of employment in their community. Through the support of our job coaches, we’re able to ensure that each of our service recipients are having a positive and fulfilling experience at each of their chosen jobs. We work to provide individual, person-centered support to each person that we serve, and our job coaches allow us to maintain a plan that meets this goal.

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