ACE Role:
My role at ACE revolves around administration. Although I often work behind a screen, filing documentation, scheduling appointments, and delegating tasks, I also get the opportunity to connect with service recipients and their Direct Care Person throughout the months of the year to continue to to remain up to date on how their services are going and to remain person centered and provide the support and care each individual deserves.

I grew up in the Twin Cities, but have resided in Duluth for the past decade alongside my partner and our two kids, Llewyn (8) and August (6). I have spent most of those years being a stay-at-home-mom until the summer of 2021 when the opportunity to work alongside my husband at ACE came about, which has led me to where I am today.

ACE Culture:
I think what I love most about our culture at ACE is everyone’s flexibility. No matter the reason, everyone is willing to shift their schedules around without hesitation to help one another out.