ACE Role:
My name is Ashley Deschampe, and I am the Individualized Home Supports Supervisor at Arrowhead Community Employment. My role at ACE revolves around supporting service recipients based out of and in their homes. Each service recipient’s support plan is individualized to their needs. I help manage their staff, medical records, appointments, complete documentation and reviews, and am in close communication with their social workers/guardians. 

I grew up in Grand Marais and Grand Portage, MN. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Applied Science in 2016 and moved to Duluth in 2019. I am currently back in school for my Associates in Paralegal Studies. After graduation in 2016, I moved back to Grand Marais where I worked in the Special Education Department at my former high school. I coached basketball there as well until I eventually made the move to Duluth. I found a job in Duluth working with clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. I then moved on to ACE where I found a passion for supporting adults with different disabilities in their everyday lives.

What I love most about the ACE culture is everyone’s compassion and willingness to support our service recipients based on their own individualized needs. Our director, Steve Hamlin, is a great leader who exemplifies how to have fun, show empathy, and become leaders in our own way.