My name is Nathan Holte, and I’m the Director of VRS here at Arrowhead Community Employment. My role within the company is to provide Job Seekers referred to ACE by Vocational Rehabilitation Services, which is a federal/state program, with job seeking services. These services range from On-The-Job Evaluations, Discovery, Pre-ETS, Job Placement, etc. It’s my job to facilitate meet and greets, intake meetings, and progress meetings with the help of VRS counselors to ensure that a job seeker receives person-centered services that put their needs and wants first. As the Director of our VRS branch, it’s also my job to consistently provide monthly progress reports to VRS, ensuring that we are attending to the job seekers’ needs in a precise and personal way. Here at ACE, it’s our mission to open as many doors as we can for an individual seeking employment, allowing them the autonomy to make their own vocational decisions, making sure that the opportunities we present to them match the individual’s vocational themes, interests and ideal conditions.  

Working with others and establishing meaningful and professional relationships has always been a passion of mine. I have a history of working as a Job Coach for other agencies, as well as fifteen years of Customer Service experience. Being able to empower and support others brings me the utmost satisfaction, and working for ACE has only bolstered my passion for others within the community. 

Arrowhead Community Employment has provided me with the tools and wherewithal to help as many Job Seekers as I can, making sure that each Job Seeker receives the support they deserve. It has also provided me with a community of like-minded leaders who share the same goals and passions. Our team couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come!